Proceeds from all merchandise sold through the Museum & Garden Shop support programs, operations, and initiatives at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and Newfields.
Are you local? Click here to learn more about curbside/in-store pickup!
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    Are you local?  The Museum & Garden Shop at Newfields offers free curbside pickup, available during operating hours until half an hour before closing. Museum & Garden Shop hours are Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 11:00 am-5:00 pm and Thursday - Saturday from 11:00 am-8:00 pm EST.

    During checkout, select the curbside pickup option.  You’ll receive an email when your order is ready for pickup. This email is separate from your order confirmation email.

    When you arrive at Newfields, park at the Welcome Center Entrance by the IMA building and call the Museum & Garden Shop at (317) 955-2320.  We will deliver your order to your vehicle. 

    Curbside FAQ:

    • Can I send someone else to pick up my order?

      - Yes, as long as that person gives the order number and the name of the person who placed the order when they arrive at the curbside pickup location.

    • Is there signage indicating where to park to pick up my order?

      - Yes, look for an A-frame sign that designates the spot to park for curbside pickup.

    • If I know you carry an item that is not available on the shop's website, can I call in to purchase it for curbside pickup?

      - Absolutely.  Not everything that is available in the shop is available online and vice versa. Please call us at (317) 955-2320 and we will take your order over the phone if the item is still available.  

    • How long do I have to pick up my curbside pickup order?

      - We will hold your order for pickup for 60 days (the length of our return policy). Orders not picked up within the 60 day window will be canceled and ineligible to receive a refund. If you cannot pickup your order for any reason before the 60 days are up, please contact the Museum & Garden Shop at 317-955-2320 or to request a cancellation. 

    • Can I come into the shop to pick up my order?

      - Yes, you have the option of coming into the shop and picking up your order. Let a retail team member know that you'd like to pickup a online order and provide your order number. Please make sure that you have received an "Order is Ready" email (a second email after the Order Confirmation email) before arriving to pick up your order.

    • Curbside Pickup is not showing up for me as an option during checkout, what do I do?

      - An error is occurring that is causing the website to skip the page that gives you the curbside option. At the top of the shipping page under our logo click "Information" where it lists links for Cart > Information > Shipping > Payment and it will take you to the page where you can select Curbside Pickup. Please note that we are currently working on fixing this error.